Off Beat Guesthouse
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Our Story

We present you Off Beat Guesthouse! Where no room is the same.You are in the right place to get lost. Our unique guesthouse is for travellers and built by travellers. 

In the beginning of 2016 we started to build the room you are in right now. Together a great group of young hardworking friends from all over the world started this project and we challenged ourselves to build a home far away from home. Right in the heart of San Sebastian! Vintage and old furniture was gathered and ‘up-cycled’ to make it all happen.

Through the use of different themes, we offer our visitors a different experience in every single and double ;) room. You can choose retro, music, art or our Basque style room and many more. Get inspired and experience traveling in a comfortable and off beat sort of way. 

Come stay in the most beautiful city of Europe and join us to get closer to perfect imperfection. 

Your Sincerely, 


Founder, co-creator, motivator and traveller